Welcome to 1st Feet Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural, safe, gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy and it is suitable for all ages.  It is based on the scientific belief and principle that all the organs and structures of the body are reflected, in a mirror image, on the feet or indeed the hands.  This miniature body map can be broken down into specific reflex points – each representing the organs of the body – and can be used as channels for healing.

Using these reflex points, the reflexologist applies gentle pressure to each specific reflex, thus releasing blockages, easing restrictions and restoring energy flow.

By tuning the body through the feet, reflexology helps relieve the pressures and stress of modern life and restores inner harmony and peace.  This can have a positive and healthy effect on our whole being.

Reflexology can help with a range of ailments and dis-eases, but you don’t have to be ill to benefit.  Complementary therapies work in harmony with your body and may even help to prevent many conditions so there is no need to wait until you feel something is wrong to book your appointments.  Consider your treatments to be part of your regular health care routine.

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