Benefits/Positive Results

The benefits of reflexology are numerous; over time it can lead to better functioning of the circulatory system as blood flow is improved, especially to the muscular system, resulting in great loss of tension and creating a state of deep relaxation.
It is extremely warming and exhilarating, as it both calms and stimulates the nervous system.  In fact, Reflexology stimulates over 7,000 nerve endings and in doing so invigorates the energy flows, maintaining a happy balance and revitalising our bodies. This relieves stress and tension which, it is estimated, contributes to over 75% of all illnesses.  

It also helps the eliminatory systems to work more efficiently; helping the body rid itself of excess waste, toxins and fluids.By stimulating the adrenal glands, powerful natural anti-inflammatory chemicals can be released, which helps lessen inflammation, pain, heat and redness, making it excellent for treating injury and swelling.

It can also be a beautifying treatment, as with improved circulation, all cells in the body can receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients. Waste is transported more efficiently through the eliminatory organs (intestines, lungs, kidneys, liver), which means less toxins are excreted through the skin.   Reflexology can have an extraordinary effect on the secretions of the body, helping the skin in particular to remain supple, well moisturised and healthy.

Reflexology, whilst healing, re-balancing and extremely relaxing, can also invigorate and rejuvenate. It can help treat the symptoms of many specific conditions, including the following:

In summary, the use of reflexology helps our bodies to work more efficiently meaning that we are better able to conquer illnesses and dis-eases.