The number of treatments may vary depending on the type of condition, medication, lifestyle etc. It may take 6 – 8 treatments for the body to respond in a definite way. Once your body is “in-tune” it is wise to have regular treatments to help maintain health and well-being.

The initial consultation will last just over 60 minutes and will include the completion of a confidential consultation sheet and a conversation about your general health and lifestyle. Subsequent treatments last for 45-60 minutes.

Having removed shoes and socks the client lies on a couch and will have his/her feet gently cleansed and then massaged lightly for a few minutes to warm them during which, if any particularly sensitive areas are felt, they can be worked on in more detail during the course of the session. Then gentle thumb and finger pressure is applied to the foot working on the different reflex areas of the foot and their corresponding parts of the body. As a particular area of the foot is pressed, you may feel a tenderness relating to the part of your body being treated. Significant pressure can be applied during the treatment, however the therapy should never be painful and any discomfort you may feel will quickly ease as the tension dissipates. Often during the course of the treatment, clients will get an overwhelming feeling of deep relaxation and can easily drift off to sleep.

Modern day living often leaves us feeling tired and unwell. So why not invest in your emotional and physical future today!